You Can Enjoy a Life With Purpose

A balanced diet program makes the residents of Athens, TX healthier

Our meals are exactly what you grew up eating, healthy meals is real meals. Eating healthier can greatly improve the quality of life for Athens Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center residents. Our specialized diet program follows state nutritional guidelines. Each resident has control over what they eat through our in-house menu plan. Whether they enjoy family style meals or quiet dinners alone, they have the choice.

Do you want to learn more about our diet program? Contact us today for more information.

Having fun never looked so good

Having fun never looked so good

Our activity calendar is stacked full with all types of events, We love getting together and having a good time! Group activities can provide our residents with a sense of belonging. Maintaining an active lifestyle comes with a host of other health perks like:

  1. Brain stimulation
  2. Mood enhancement
  3. Sharper memory
  4. Improved awareness

Our group activities are a real hit with the Athens, TX community. The beauty rests on the independence we give our residents. They are able to choose the activities they like. This even includes individualized activities.

As part of our care program, we can provide transportation to doctors appointments when needed. Call us today to find out more about what we offer.